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xobeathcx's Journal

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Hi...tae bo, you know you love it.

we run this shit:
nessa- nessaxTHUGLYxcore@HOTTTTmail.com--edge like fuck
brookie- farewellxf@HOTTTsex.com--fist in your face like fuck

Join our community if:
  • you like to throw punches
  • you like to kick people
  • you like tae-bo
  • you like dancing
  • you like blood
  • you like blood and guts
  • you want to come to our tae-bo parties
  • a life once lost, after school knife fight, as the sun sets, being strapped, being tuff, billy blanks, blood, blood and gore, blood on your face, bloody noses, brass knuckles, broken bloody noses, brook, bruises, buns of steel, crestfallen, dancing, dick in mouth syndrome, dicks, elbowed in the face, encrusted blood, fistfights, ginas, gunfights, gyap, hardcore, hardcore dancing, he who corrupts, hoes, hot sex, hxc, i have dreams, kicking, kicking ass, kicking people, knives, locust, nessa, our guns, photobooth action, punching, punching faces, saetia, scraped knees, straight edge, suicide file, suicide note, tae bo, tae-bo, taebo, talking about butt sex, terror, texas, vegan mole, xbillyxblanksx, xslutcorex, xweaponsx, xxx, you and i, your excruciating pain