burning in an effigy (littletaco) wrote in xobeathcx,
burning in an effigy

aych ee double hockey sticks o

hello my name is Vanessa aka BIG MAMACITA aka lil mexican aka littlefuckingtaco aka thugliestgirlyouknow aka nessa

im not really KAd any of those. well...except lil mexican and nessa....oh and vanessa too

so yeah....

me n brookie....we made this....because....we are awesome...and we kill people with our taebo skills and fascists too.

I THINK..!!! that for graduation, we should throw me a taebo party. FOR SERIOUS. yeah. brook...party at your house june 2nd. ill bring the tortillas and guacamole and beans and nachos, you can bring the crackers and celery and stuff like that and we should rent like the 324432480 video taebo set cuz seriously...8 minutes is not enough.

muchos besos amigos
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