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Dude, Gross!

texasteacher20022002: hello from south tex... 43 male college prof here... care to chat?
xposedtodeathx: Sure, I'm 16 though you know
texasteacher20022002: cool.. ok
xposedtodeathx: ok
texasteacher20022002: u in hs?
xposedtodeathx: Yes
texasteacher20022002: i'm 6ft1.. 195 and u?
xposedtodeathx: I'm 5'2 118lbs
texasteacher20022002: very nice figure
texasteacher20022002: u have b/f don't u?
xposedtodeathx: Yeah I do

Dude, I totally am single... I think he was going to ask to cyber. Gross... Gross... Gross...
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